Chocolate Cake + Pumpkin Buttercream + Chocolate Bourbon Ganache

There isn’t much that inspires me enough to skip a rainy Sunday afternoon nap. We have been in the throws of a monsoon fueled by a hurricane offshore and a nasty system pounding… Continue reading

An Honest Mid-Life Post (with a recipe for good measure)

It’s my birthday! My 40th – eeeeek! {or as a very dear friend likes to remind me… I’m starting my 41st year. The jury is out whether or not he remains a very… Continue reading

Boozy Cold Brew Coffee

Hi, loves. Let’s all take an honest moment, shall we? It’s mid summer and it’s hotter than hell in the southern nether regions where I live. I mean it’s sweat dripping – melt… Continue reading

Fried Eggs On Everything

Hi, lovelies! First things first. I have missed you… I hope you haven’t felt neglected. Life does what life does and mine has been a little over the top crazy the past few… Continue reading

Apple Cranberry Pie + Lattice Crust Hand Holding

YOU GUYS. This post was supposed to go up for Christmas. I have no excuse! I’m the worst! I’m a terrible blogger! But then I tell myself to shut the hell up and… Continue reading

The Perfect Hot Toddy

I’m a summertime/LIVE at the beach kind of girl. Salt in the air and sand between my toes fixes E V E R Y problem, you know? However, it’s winter right now and… Continue reading

G I V E A W A Y!!!

CONGRATULATIONS Kelly Simmons – you are our winner!! Now you have an extremely difficult decision to make – which one of these babies do you want?? Email me at with your choice… Continue reading

A Little Post Holiday Pep Talk + A New Recipe

So not only is it Monday… It’s the first Monday after the holidays. And there are some things we (I) need to deal with. First of all – there is a  Hello Kitty… Continue reading

Definitely Maybe Ready For You, 2015

Hey, 2015! You took me by surprise and it’s taken me a few days to wrap my brain around the fact that you’re actually here. WHY ARE YOU HERE SO FAST? I need… Continue reading

W I L D + F R E E Christmas Bundle

It’s Christmas you guys!!! This is my absolute favorite time of year. There is nothing (NOTHING) that makes me happier than seeing my babies and my little home so full of beauty and… Continue reading