IG Inspiration

I try not to beat myself up for how much time I spend perusing the hallways of Instagram foodies. There are so many beautiful plates of food… so many tables full of interesting people eating interesting things… so many ovens hard at work pumping out inspiring bits of things that get my heart a fluttering and my thoughts spinning about what I’m going to ask of MY little oven next.

So I thought I would share of few of my favorite IG streams that are constant sources of inspiration for me…  here are my top 12. No real reason for stopping at 12 – I could give you a hundred streams, but no one wants to be overwhelmed on a raining Wednesday afternoon, right?

1. @mimithor | Food blogger of “Manger”… living in Medoc, France. This feed makes me want to hop on a place immediately and pretend I have her life. It’s utterly beautiful and I can literally taste her pictures.


2. @joythebaker | this one is a no-brainer. Joy is my hero. I adore her. It’s on my bucket list to have coffee with her one of these days. Follow her IG feed and her amazing blog adventures!


3. @camillebecerra | a chef living in downtown NYC who has a little restaurant called Navy. She also competed on Bravo’s Top Chef!


4. @lindsaymaitland | the associate food editor at Real Simple Magazine. Enough said… I am obsessed with her feed.


5. @pissinginthepunchbowl | Marcus Nilsson is a food photographer who works with magazines like Martha Stewart and Bon Appétit.


6. @topwithcinnamon | Izy lives in London… is only 18… and runs a successful food blog called Top With Cinnamon. (OBSESSED!!!)


7.  @sundaysuppers | a communal kitchen in Brooklyn run by Karen Mordechai, a talented food photographer and stylist.


8. @sliceofpai | documents the travels of Joann Pai and the tasty things she eats!


9. @andrewoknowlton | the restaurant editor for Bon Appetite Magazine.


10. @tifforelie | Tiffany Mitchell is a stylist, foodie, baker, photographer, illustrator and blogger based in Lexington.


11. @abckitchen | one of Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s many restaurants in New York City… so we get a little behind the scenes into pure genius. LOVE.


12. @thehousepie | Emily Hilliard is a folklorist, fiddler and food writer with a pie blog.


If you don’t have a Instagram account – GET ONE IF YOU CAN! It’s such a source of wonderful inspiration! If not, you can click the links above and see their feeds online – simple!

I’d love it if you would talk to me | use the “talk to me” comment box below | and let me know what your food inspirations are. I’m always on the look out for new foodies to stalk…